The Art of Entertainment / Wholeness

Today I am finishing last chapter of the Art of Entertainment. I was wondering for a long time what is the meaning off wholeness and how to describe it in a way that everyone understands. And today 7.2.2019. i figure out, that the best word for wholeness is LEADER. Leader equals Wholeness, but truth plus...
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The Art of Entertainment / Compassion (Truth, Wholeness )

 In my last article I was writing about the truth You need to follow. Even now doubting in myself to share this story with You, I know that You need to read it and its time for me to talk loud about it, as if I needed to pass and understand it in a supreme way. They say - everything for a reason, and pro...
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The Art of Entertainment / Truth (Compassion, Wholeness )

I have a head full of information that I wanna share with all of you.Thats why I decided to start from the basic. To became a true Artist in Your segment of Entertainment You need to listen this three main component of your existence - truth, compassion and wholeness.Let me explain you better. What you t...
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How long should the mini disco take?

In your opinion, how long should the mini disco take?If you worked already in animation or you were someday at holidays that animation was making your life better, then you know mini disco is the most important thing for kids in the hotel. They love songs that they know already, they love smiling animators and the...
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First blog post is like first day in hotel animation

So... welcome in Animators Center! But... hola, hola...but what is that exactly? To answer this question, we have to go back in time. It was 2014, I remember that I got fired from work because of my another delay - thats even good, considering the fact i didnt like it at all. In the same afternoon i meet my friend...
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