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When I was in school we were studying a foreign language for about ten years. Even after studying English for ten years in school I went abroad and still had a speaking language barrier. It was still hard for me to communicate with people. I tried like a lot of people who try to speak a new language to translate from Polish to English. Of course, it turned out to be a complete failure because many phrases can’t be translated using the same structure and words. It was my second season in hotel entertainment and most of the guests were from Germany. I barely spoke any German at that time so I started to look online for ways to learn German faster. I knew the way languages are taught in school didn’t work well for me so I wanted to start learning a language in a new way. I’m going to present to you some tricks I have learned to learn a language a lot faster. Here are a few rules you should follow if you want to try the “baby method:” 

A) Forget All Your Limits or How Bad You Are with Learning Languages 
Throw all the negative thoughts out of your head like I’m too stupid, too weak or that I’m getting too old to learn a new language. I agree that some people learn languages faster than others but don’t limit yourself by believing that you can’t do it. If you start by learning a language already thinking that you will fail, it will be a lot harder for you to succeed. It’s important to believe in yourself and keep pushing yourself forward no matter how difficult it gets. It’s also important to be consistent with practicing and studying and not do too much at once but rather learn step by step. By following the things I just said you will see that it’s possible to communicate even if you’re making mistakes. Which brings me to my next point that making mistakes is part of the process and nobody pays attention to them as long as you are trying your best because the person you are talking to will be grateful that you are trying to communicate in their language. In school, I barely passed my English exams. Now, I am communicating in four languages. Instead of complaining about how hopeless I was, I decided to change my method of learning and the results speak for themselves. 

B) Use only the most important phrases and vocabulary that you need

After all, I don’t need to know all the variations or vocabulary in mythology or technology. I start by learning the most important vocabulary and phrases first. This allows me to begin talking right away and that’s the most important part of learning a language! I decided to use a rule of eighty-twenty percent. I focused on collecting eighty percent of the most commonly used phrases and sentences in a language that I wanted to learn to speak and understand. Instead of learning single verbs, nouns and adjectives, I searched the internet for whole phrases and wrote them down. Using YouTube, you can find channels which will teach you free. YouTube and the internet allowed me to learn pronunciation because I repeated everything aloud. This is one of the keys to success – loud repetition allows me to remember several words and phrases quickly and easily. Believe me; you won’t achieve such spectacular results with silent repetition. Let me give you an example. Instead of learning, the single word where, learn the phrase: Where can I find a street called Gran Canaria 32?

C) No Grammar 

When starting out don’t try to conjugate everything perfectly because it’s not that important and you will improve that over time. You didn’t become a fluent speaker of your own language by studying its grammar. Well before the age of 6, you were already a fluent speaker of your native language. You knew how to use verbs in different tenses before you even knew what a verb was. 

D) Motivation Is the Key 
Finding the right motivation is the key to success. Think about why you want to learn a new language. Take a piece of paper and write down five reasons why you are learning a new language. It has to be something that will motivate you during the moments where you have doubts or thoughts of giving up. You’ll have to overcome many problems related to pronunciation. Don’t let the fear of speaking limit you in your journey to learning a language.

Massive Action plan to learn foreign language.
●       It’s important to find a good method of remembering words and phrases. Here is an example, with the word chicken. In Spanish the word for chicken is pollo. Close your eyes and imagine a huge orange chicken wearing a polo shirt. Pollo sounds a lot in English as the word polo. That’s an example of how to associate two words from different languages to make it easier to remember. You won’t always find a pair of words that are easy to remember, but it’s worth trying. By using this method it will become easier to remember the words for a longer period of time. 
●       Try using flashcards. Write the word or sentence you want to learn on one side and the translation on the other and try to quiz yourself. 
●       Try using a free application on your phone to learn more, for example, the app Duolingo. It was selected as the best free application to learn languages in the world. 
●       I recommend trying to watch a series in the language you want to learn. I really enjoyed watching three of the biggest series in the world: Prison Break, Narcos, and Game of Thrones. I watched each of them in English and I learned a lot of new English words. Watching a series to learn a language is fantastic because it’s relaxing, fun and you are gaining new skills all at the same time. 
●       Set the language you want to learn as the default on your phone. This is a great way to learn more technical words that are not used as often while speaking. Because of the icons, I could guess what the word means and it helped me learn a lot of new vocabulary. 
●       After a few months of practicing alone, I highly recommend finding people in Facebook groups that want to learn different languages. Call them using Skype or Facebook. This will allow you to find more people that you can practice with. Nothing can replace this technique. It’s one of the most powerful and fastest ways to help you learn. ●       The last step is to reward yourself. Once you can speak a little and get more comfortable in the language you are learning, go on holiday to the country where the language you studied is spoken. Below is a table to help you understand how we remember the things. Read and analyze it carefully. Perhaps you will find it useful in the future.

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