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I will never understand why every entertainer don’t put mini club as ground firm basic of everything they do. Mini Club is a basic for everything and everyone. But all entertainers are doing the same 2 mistakes. 

1. They define them selfs like kids club ents. because they think its much easier then
all the time spending with adults. 

2. They can sit all day, productively doing nothing.

From my last recruitment the statistic was that 90% of the young girls was deciding to work in mini club because they simple adore children. On my question how do they imagine one day in mini club I got mostly no answer or nonsense ( we will play and draw). Ok!
Let put it like this. Children of the world are Our future. The mark We leave on them will stay there forever and no life should be wasted. Everyday is important to be , to create, to love, to feel, to contribute.
Then why 90% of the entertainers in mini club don’t realize that children need to be entertained with the same effort like adults while doing water gymnastics. Thats exactly the same energy needed to be put out there for kids.
Except energy that You need to put out there its very important to have a plan of the day. If you’re chief is not clear what he/she wants in mini club that day, then its all on you. Most of the persons are just letting their entertainers wondering without head just because they don’t know what to do. This is the truth, I don’t want to make it pretty just that someone who is reading feel better. I want You to realize that kids entertainment is the most  important. If you make one child happy, you will make her/he’s family happy and then the satisfaction of the customers is rapidly rising as you go, from 1-10 and more , depends how many members of family  You have in the hotel.
How you should do it?

Its very simple. Keep them all the time interested, ask to do something. Do not ever ask things like – Do you wanna do this?
The magic sentence is – Listen guys! We are going to do this..!
If one of the company dont want to play, turn the situation like as they cant play without that child, because that kid is very important for the game. It is very important for you to know, that their concentration is bigger than Yours even if it look like they can’t focus. They can’t focus only if You are not leading the day properly and putting out that energy of interest in it. All the creative work is good. There is nothing bad in drawing and painting for 2 hours, but it needs to be guided and with some kind of sense according to schedule You need to respect. Prepare your day before you will start.  Don’t be lazy and think You’ll go with the flow. Even the most experienced entertainers are preparing their job in advance. 

If you don’t know how, ask?
There is nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t know. I always used to say “smart people ask if they don’t know something”, stupid pretend they know. If you are in luck of inspiration, just ouse pinterest.
There you can find so much arts and crafts. As well on youtube. Here in Spain We started with kids meditation. Its amazing. I was working on Malta with amazing entertainer and kids expert Belinda. If all of You
would have just a small chance to spend some time with her in organization of children party events or go trough schedule of mini club, Your life would be much more enlightening.
Belinda for me was a miracle that opened my eyes in so many ways. Her believes and creativity combined with her experience, that is what makes her so special. But the most important thing what I learned from her, is how much love and effort and positive energy she spread around. For her was not important if she have 2 or 2 millions of kids in mini club, She was doing the same job with the same effort. Thats why Belinda from Entertainer in
Company started to be Responsible for a hotel mini club employed directly by one of the biggest hotels on Malta. She is the only entertainer and as well responsible who have that amazing opportunity, just because she was doing amazing job, and she still is.
She is a very good example that if you do your job properly and put that extra spark on it, even thou you think no one will notice, but in the end someone always do.
Don’t forget that.
And for the end, I hope you will find helpful this article. If you have any question just ask.
Peace, much love and put, a smile on a child face today!

Its magical.  

Mirela Skiljo
8 May 2019

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