How to become an Entertainer?

“To those with the talent, passion and love for entertaining other human beings. Use your skills to make people laugh, smile and think. Feel free to take from this book what’s important to your life and pass that on to others. If you feel burnt-out, don’t worry. It’s common among entertainers. Remember…Everything you need is already inside you. Don’t wait for others to light your fire because you have your own matches” 


What is “hotel entertainment”? It’s not a job, but rather a lifestyle. Let me explain.  We love what we do,  therefore we don’t count the hours we spend working. Usually, it’s around eight to twelve hours. Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I agree with that one hundred percent. After the show finished, a thousand people got up from their seats and gave us a standing ovation. “WOW!” It brought tears to my eyes! People from all over the world show their gratitude while directing their attention at you. You feel like a real Rockstar. Girls smile while kids look at you as if you’re a legendary hero. A group of teenagers run up to you, starting to carry you around on their hands. They’re screaming: “This is Sparta! AHU! AHU! AHU!” They shout your name so loud because, in their eyes, you’re a perfect example of a role model. On top of that, guests give you tips and they invite you to spend time with them. I’ve been employed by five different animation agencies, and have worked at fifteen different hotels. I’ve worked with both small (two-person) and large (twenty-five-person) teams while having the opportunity to learn from the best. I’ve wanted to write a book with value for a long time, which contains interesting information and experiences from my animation journey. I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of different styles of animation. For example, there’s the Italian way where you work fourteen hours straight and only have a break for food. Alternatively, there’s the Spanish way, where you work six to eight hours that are split throughout the day. 

From the moment I began working in the animation industry, I started collecting all kinds of information. I knew that one day, I’d write this book and could apply the things that I learned. I already had this book completed but it was saved on my laptop that was stolen from me. I almost gave up, however, creating this book is my dream. And so, I decided to start writing it again from the beginning. The main goal is to provide you with an easy and fun way of learning valuable knowledge. By reading this book, you will discover how to adapt tips and tricks into your work and personal lives. I’ve chosen to publish this book online so everyone can access it. The price of my book will be lower than the price of a drink in a club. I want it to be accessible by everyone. (By the way, I don’t know an entertainer who doesn’t have the money for a drink.) I want you to have a “wow” EFFECT while reading it. By using the information presented here, you won’t only get your money back but you’ll save on expensive tourist attractions as well. This book is my dream come true. If you continue reading it to the end, who knows? Maybe it can encourage you to write your own story. Dreams do not come true by themselves. Your actions have to make them come true! I don’t know who you are, but I want to thank you for your willingness to invest your time and money into the development and adventure that’s offered in this publication. Who knows, maybe together we will create great things in the near future. Dreamer, traveler, friend, optimist, entertainer – Piotr Muszynski

Chapter 1

If you find my book and you’re not an entertainer but you would like to start, I will give you a few tips on how to become a hotel entertainer. Maybe you were just like me when I was eighteen and don’t know exactly what you want to do in life. Maybe you don’t know what you want to study and are looking for a way to earn money abroad. The biggest advantage of this job is that you can do what you love and you will get paid for it. This includes everything from sports, dancing, singing and/or taking care of children. The Hotel Entertainment company or Hotel will provide you with food and accommodation. If you have ever dreamed of performing on stage entertainment is the best start. It allows you to develop your passion and get to know many great people. On top of that, you are able to visit the amazing beautiful places, learn new languages, and discover new cultures. First, you need to check if this profession is for you. I’ve created ten questions that should make you quickly aware of whether this adventure is for you. 

  1.   Can you leave a mom, dad, grandmother, sister, friends and/or a dog for at least three months? Remember that you will have to do the laundry, ironing and cleaning by yourself. 
  2.   Do you know at least one of these languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, French, Norwegian?  
  3.   Do you like people? Remember: this job requires you to love people. You must willingly talk to new hotel guests on a daily basis.  
  4.   You don’t have to be a dancer to work in animation, but you need to be willing to learn dances. Sometimes, there may be a simple choreography for an evening show.
  5.    Sometimes you have to work all day while working as an entertainer. Usually, you work from the morning until the evening with breaks. Are you able to get up at 09:00 and finish your work at 24:00? 
  6.    Basically, you earn from €600 – €1200. The salary includes food and accommodation if you work for a company, when working directly for a hotel it can be different. Is that amount of money sufficient for you?    
  7.    Are you ready to invite guests for games? It will be part of your daily life. 
  8.    The animation is teamwork. Are you ready to listen to instructions and criticism, while cooperating with others?
  9.    You’ll be on your own in a foreign country. Are you ready to take a risk? 
  10.    Are you someone who enjoys challenges, hard work, sun, beaches and palm trees?  

If the sum of your answers is NO, don’t try this job. It’d be better to find something else that suits your character and personality traits. If you marked YES in most of the ten answers – don’t wait. Take the first step, go online and type Hotel Entertainment official into a search engine. Look for a few videos on YouTube A. Look for an entertainer and their duties. I recommend that you do a weekend course for hotel entertainment. It’s true that you won’t learn everything in two days, but you’ll have a small practical test to see if it’s for you.

Muszynski, Piotr. Hotel Entertainment: Tips & Tricks – How to become a great entertainer, make more money and become true leader! (p. 14)

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