The Power off positive thinking

Smile with your liver

The power of positive thoughts are much stronger than you think. Everything what surrounds Us effectively create feelings. Feelings are emotions that leads Us in our intentions. Intentions are what makes Us motivated in life and keep Us going to Our goals. We are all motivated by different things and by that all of Us have different goals. Sometimes Our achievements are not satisfying Us because We expect more from everyone around Us in return. Well, thats wrong. 

The only person We need to expect something is Ourselves. In that moment We need to stop and observe the situation and then decide what to do with it. When We are young, they say, we are guided with our impulse or hearth and when We’re got to certain age we are guided much more with our mind, we became wiser. Well, thats wrong as well. 

You see, balance is the key, between the hearth and mind. I ask myself this question hundred times and tried to understand how to effect positively on everything that surrounds me. I was allowing myself to literally live feelings projected from others just to understand better and to try to be solution on everything. In years I was drowning myself saving others and on that way I lost myself. I am very proud and stubborn person and to allow someone to help me was completely

Mission impossible in my mind. I was always thinking, everyone else first, then me. Im strong I will survive, but when i saw people around me stucked in a mysterious labyrinth, that was more painful to me to feel it then to actually came to them with a simple solution and release the agony. Well thats wrong as well. You see, heart is 100 times stronger electrically and up to 5000 times stronger magnetically then the brain. Leaded by Our heart We are literally like children, pure , innocent and clean from all negative thoughts existing. Mind from the other part is very powerful for grounding and allowing Ourselves to live with a free will.

There for a balance is extremely necessary to increase neutrality. Only when We are in neutral place We can define to be present from all Our being and observe what decision We gonna choose. Let me now connect everything from above in an example for hotel entertainment.

I know, probably You are thinking roght now “finally:-)”. After my last article I received many comments and one of them was to write positive article next time. To understand positive thinking We need to find out how to stay in positive vibration all the time. This is a basic core for the job of entertainer. In a natural state of mind We can not be positive all the time 100%. But what We can do is make small changes in Our daily routine which will increase positivity in Us bit by bit every day. Now imagine day have 24 hours, and year have 365 days. If We put everyday intention in Our heart to do something for Ourselves positive to increase feelings like peace, love, joy, happiness, We can create a valley off unbelievable possibilities for Our well being. The more You increase positive vibrations the more You will attract positive vibrations around You and Your world will start to have a completely different meaning. When We are young We don’t think so much about Our future. We are worried about the things like if he’s gonna call? Will my boss will notice I stole a bottle of vine from the bar? I cant learn that choreography? I fight with
my mum today? I don’t have enough money? This guy from the bar, hates me, he never give me what I ask… and then , this toughs, are just thoughts. In that moment You will think it is the only thing that matters. You need to know, the only thing that matters is You. 

Things happened, situations appeared and so what!?
I’m not saying that there is no danger, but the way how you gonna manage the situation that matters. You will be stuck this season with the people you don’t know, maybe some of you do but till the end of the season You will know them much better. Allow Yourself every morning to feel grateful to wake up, feel your fingers on your toes and just say thank you and I love you. Just like it is to Yourself. With that feeling go Out on your team meeting and smile from inside. They say when you smile with the liver You smile in your life and back. Just one small change can make difference in You and for You. When You finish the day and Your in bed think on what You did for You that day that helped You to grow. What happened that day that made You smile, that made your heart beat stronger. Take that feeling in side off Your self and try to make more intention to grow more and more.

I know We are extremely curious and We like to socialize. Don’t forget that You need to have Your rest time to be able to function next day. Rest time is extremely important. Even though You will say, Ah Im not tired, I don’t need to sleep, I can party 14 days in a row. Well, You’re wrong. Now don’t take me wrong, yes go experience life, party, girls, boys, alcohol, junk food. All that! You need to, its a must ! Just don’t forget to think on recovery time. That time is You time, and even sometimes a bit scary to stay only with yourself can recover You much faster and effective than anything else. It is extremely important that You realize why this job is the best in the world. Positive effect on other people and planting in side of their hearth feeling of happiness and joy is the most powerful thing in the world. Just imagine with how many people doing the season You are in any kind of contact. Now think about how many people from different countries. Now imagine yourself like a gardener spreading the most powerful seed on the Earth and visualize how it’s spreading. This is how powerful positive thinking is and in return You will have the most important thing back. And that is satisfaction and confirmation for Yourself that because of  You something changed for
better for all off Us. There will be difficulties and moments when You will not find a solution, in that moments don’t worry, important is when that happened, You go back to Yourself and focus again on a positive toughs. I wish You all a wonderful start off a new season.

Thank You for reading and stay focused.

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