GOOD received a review

Beware – scammers and liars!
Scamming and exploitation of workers are the standards of the Good Times:
*Lying about what your job is
*Not providing a transfer promised in the contract, and not refunding you for your bus ticket
*Talking to you like you are an idiot
*Refusing to pay you. I have worked 4 weeks doing a decent job, and was paid exactly ZERO €.
The actual job is much different from what the agency claims it is. They will lie about the job position, hoping that once you arrive to the hotel, you will want to stay so you dont waste your money that you already spent going there (they dont refund your tickets unless you stay until the end of your contract)

They promise you a transfer from airport to your workplace. This is a lie, i was promised one until the moment my plane landed, at which point they inform me I need to take a bus because there is no transfer. No apology from them, and no attempt to refund me for the bus. When I ask about the refund, they just say they will "check" and never get back to you about it again.

Any problem you have, they will speak to you like you are a piece of sh*t and should be quiet and keep working. Again they will just say they are gonna "check" and never reply to you again.
They put clauses in your contract that say they dont have to pay you in the case you are fired or leave the job before the contract ends. This is an exploitation tactic that only the worst scummy agencies use.
Stay away from this agency to avoid my experience, its not worth it.