How the war in Ukraine will affect Tourism Entertainment in Europe?


What a crazy time we'are living in, the pandemic has taken its toll on the tourism industry. Now, Russia's assault on Ukraine has shocked the world. The war in Ukraine may spell trouble for tourism in Central and Eastern Europe... for good.

The years 2020 and 2021 were challenging for the tourism industry, to say the least. The coronavirus pandemic led to immense losses around the world. All hopes turned to 2022 — as pandemic-related restrictions were starting to be chilling, it seemed the industry would bounce back. Then came a day which changed everything - 24 of February  Russia Attack Ukraine. Incredible! We as are fully supporting Ukraine and standing with them! For us this is a clear act of terrorism from one country to another!

But as we are tourism Entertainment website, lets try to find out how this situation will affect hotel and cruise entertainment industry. There is a three main aspects

HUMAN ASPECT & Bookings:

After two years of the pandemic, many may have hoped for a vacation, now Tourists may be avoiding travel in Central and Eastern Europe, especially to the countries bordering Ukraine. Main reason is obviously clear, a fear. Currently, however, it it too early to predict whether people will cancel their travel plans as a result. While it is still too early to asses the impact of the war on the 2022 vacation season, one is preety sure that people have stopped making bookings. Many people are simply preoccupied with the war and many are engaged in volenteer work, so for them the idea of going on vacation feels far away.  Russians tourists - now when whole world turn on the sanctions, there will be no more possibilities for them to travel Europe.


More than 30 countries have so far closed their airspace to Russia - whats that mean for us entertainers and tourists? For sure planes schedule will changed and some of them will be longer now. Longer flights means more fuel and thats affect the flight prices. Cruise lines have also responded to the new situation. The Norwegian Cruise Line on Thursday scrapped all trips to Russia. Soon after, TUI Cruises, MSC Cruises and AIDA Cruises followed suit. None of their vessels will be calling at St. Petersburg port this year. And its just a beggining.


In addition to the pandemic and war, there is a third challenge: The increasing prices of raw materials. "Heating costs are going up, gasoline costs are going up. People thus have less and less money available,". This could also make travel more expensive, although trips from Northern Europe to Spain, Italy and Greece in the South are more likely to be affected. 

These show once again that war knows no winners — regardless of which side of the conflict you find yourself on or how far away you are from the actual crisis area. The war is also likely to affect the tourism industry, but how much remains unclear. We gonna inform you with those informations.

So far, stay safe and let us know in comments what you think about the whole situation?

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