How the war in Ukraine will affect Tourism Entertainment in Europe?

What a crazy time we'are living in, the pandemic has taken its toll on the tourism industry. Now, Russia's assault on Ukraine has shocked the world. The war in Ukraine may spell trouble for tourism in Central and Eastern Europe... for good. The years 2020 and 2021 were challenging for the tourism industr...
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How to become a better leader in hotel entertainment

leader leader
I've met more than fifty animation chiefs in my career and worked directly with fourteen of them. I want to show you what mistakes people made when they are in charge. I think that every leader should become familiar with my observations and thoughts. I will gladly admit that I hated some of my chiefs because they didn...
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How to make more money while working as a Hotel Entertainer

"The profession of Hotel Entertainment is magical. It opens many inaccessible doors." ~Piotr Muszynski The most important rule of this chapter is "WIN & WIN." Of course, it means that everyone wins! *Attention! Not everything I'm going to share will be allowed, due to varying rules in different hotels. Remember: Th...
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When will the 2021 season finally run with entertainment in hotels and cruises?

Thing's are not gettin better, since our last posts CRUISES INFO and DESTINATIONS for 2021 nothing moved forward. So far we know that UK tour operators pushed restart dates from 17th of may to 24th of June, all because of publication of the Global Travel Taskforce. UK citizens are not allowed t...
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When Will Cruises Resume and when the first job offers for entertainers can be expected?

It's been almost year after cruises stuck on dry land, now its look like the cruises resurection is on the run. In few months most of them should be back on the high seas again. Here you can check hows the situation look like with the biggest cruises companies. AmaWaterways: May 1, 2021 Once international river cruise ...
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Which destinations are open for SEASON 2021? What restrictions? Check our map!

 We have made a list of countries and their restrictions that are currently in force. Covid is still blocking our entertainment chain but some of the coutries dont realy care about it anymore, which is good for us.  So, take a look which country have, a what restrictions and where you can go wi...
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Małgorzata Joanna Jania
Ajjj Maxicano.. Cubano.. African.. Iam open too for You!! With open arms!!!
Thursday, 25 February 2021 09:45
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Season 2020 (COVID19 season) raport / What about 2021?

Today is the first anniversary of the covid virus detection in 2019 China, imagine... exactly one year ago they diagnosed first case. What happened during this year is a totall disaster for the economy over the world - especially with tourism and travel industry which include also us. ...
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Animators Center social media / be always first!

 Hi guys!  Just quickly reminder about our social media that you can find under those links ANIMATORS CENTER FACEBOOK CURRENT JOB OFFERS GROUP - ANIMATORS CENTER FACEBOOK FUNPAGE - 
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Entertainers & Animators - promote yourself for free! (+400 points review bonus)

We know how hard is to get a dream job in entertainment on the other part of the world, especially now during COVID 19 : Bali, Bora - Bora, Indonesia, Bermudas, Dominican Republic or Hawaii.  We want to make it easier for you! Animators Center is all about simplicity... we are familia...
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Abde-essamad Bouali
Hello sir, i hope are all doing well. My name is Abde-essamad Bouali from Morocco, i'am 26 years old, i have a hospitality touri... Read More
Sunday, 10 January 2021 23:59
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E-Book for Entertainers! How to become a great entertainer, make more money and become true leader!

 One and only ebook for entertainers written by experienced, proffesional team leader and manager Piotr Muszyński. Just now for only 1$ on Amazon! "If you are, like me, an entertainer and if you love what you do - this book is definitely for you. You will find inside tips & tricks on how to better communi...
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Hotel Entertainment - Money, privileges, events and memories / How to Earn?

Money, money, moneyMust be funnyIn the rich man's worldMoney, money, moneyAlways sunnyIn the rich man's world  Who doesn't love money? Animators love them, maybe because in entertainment industry you can earn a lot and save for long time or spend quickly :-). I remember when my teamleader ...
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Ranking of Recruitment Companies - we have first reviews/scores! Check who's on the 1st place!

Which company for season you should choose?Is the salary good? Conditions? accomodation?Working hours? Food provided? Flights refunded?Many questions, not so many answers. We as offer you a list of companies and reviews about them. from 1 to 10. Register now! and place a review! Get first place with yo...
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Ashily Garikai Mudzengere
I think now every animator wants to work we don't look for that we need work animation is our life
Friday, 22 May 2020 22:42
As you see, whole world is in Lockdown right now... and who knows when this mess will finish. There is no job at all in animation ... Read More
Wednesday, 27 May 2020 09:20
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So, Hows the situation with hotel entertainment SPAIN, ITALY, GREECE?

Finally i received my chargeback for flight - Ryanair - took 4 months to take it back. Iv heard that now it not even posiible to get money back, just 120% vouchers for one year.  Anyway, article is about the current situation around Europe, so lets push it in this way.  I would say, the situati...
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Hotel Entertainment VS Coronavirus

Have you ever experienced a situation in public transport with emergency brake? Imagine a speeding train in which someone suddenly pulls the brake and all of the passengers have to suffer the consequences. This is exactly what happening right now, the whole world just STOP. I don't care - seriously - does this shit com...
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Expectations VS Reality

.This article is about everything and nothing. In entertainment world always expect the unexpected, it's a carousel of everything, ferris wheel of promises, the biggest swing of moods ever. So welcome and enjoy, the Entertainment Show! I will give you some historical lesson, lets make an educational start for a good be...
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Staging and all about that show / Guide for choreographers or dance captain.

Here it is finally a topic that I am avoiding to write about. Why? Because I don't like to share my secrets. I am doing it now just cause I realize that sharing your knowledge is better than to keep it for yourself and because my "special" skill I was always better payed than other. Before hotel entertainment...
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Mini Once / Mastering kids

I will never understand why every entertainer don't put mini club as ground firm basic of everything they do. Mini Club is a basic for everything and everyone. But all entertainers are doing the same 2 mistakes.  1. They define them selfs like kids club ents. because they think its much easier thena...
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The Power off positive thinking

Smile with your liver   The power of positive thoughts are much stronger than you think. Everything what surrounds Us effectively create feelings. Feelings are emotions that leads Us in our intentions. Intentions are what makes Us motivated in life and keep Us going to Our goals. We are all motivate...
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Im going! And what now?

I have a plan now to travel Malaga for a new Entertainment Managers seminar - ROC Hotels Company. Seminar is just 3 days. Im taking with me small 10 kg hand luggage and a hand bag. Whats gonna be inside my suitcase?Im calling it Basic Kit. In my suitcase you will find underwear f...
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Olek Tarski
I think its a packing guide for womens only :-). Anyway, can you tell me please what account you're using in Animation? Im going f... Read More
Tuesday, 05 March 2019 20:07
Mireka Skiljo
Dear Olek, If You read article With understanding You would find it first aid unisex useful. About the bank account You need to as... Read More
Tuesday, 05 March 2019 22:34
Lucian Costache
Ussualy in every country you will work, the company will give you the necesarry documents and support to open a local bank account... Read More
Tuesday, 05 March 2019 20:34
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How to know - who is good and who is bad ?

How to know - who is good and who is bad? Everyone in this universe have their own opinion about the information that they receive. You have your own reasons in what to believe or who to trust. Everything in our life what push us to move forward is the results of our own decisions. Whatever You gonna dec...
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